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Create a winter wonderland anytime of year in your backyard, the park, or anywhere you’d like to “let it snow”.

  • 30 lb. bags available for local pickup from our Phoenix facility
  • Local delivery available for orders of at least 3 tons

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Most commonly used ice for everyday cooling; available in seven-, ten-, twenty- and forty-pound bags that can handle any cooling job, big or small.

7 lb bag

7 lb. bag

10 lb cubed ice

10 lb. bag

20 lbs cubed ice

20 lb. bag

40 lbs cubed ice

40 lb. bag

Perfect for long-term storage.

10 lb Compressed Block

10 lb. Solid Block

10 lb Solid Block

10 lb. Compressed Block

Ice Shot

Ice Shots

The Ice Shot is another quality product being manufactured and distributed by Ice King. The Ice Shot is a concept that is currently being sold to bars, restaurants, events, weddings, and home gatherings. The Ice Shot is made with a highly pure quality water under exceptionally cold temperature. We provide a freezer display unit when customers meet our minimum order. Packaged in cases of 35 glasses.

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