Production Worker (Forklift Experience) Job Description


The primary responsibility of this position is to bag and/or stack ice on pallets and moving completed pallets from the lines to be shrink wrapped, then moving completed pallets from the staging area and triple stacking them in the freezers. This position could also entail loading trucks.


  • Stack a variety of products, ranging from 7lb to 40lb bags onto standard pallets, must be done neat and square.
  • Help monitor product quality including; bags not properly tied, foreign objects, yellow ice and any deviation from standards.
  • Learn to start and stop the line when needed.
  • Keep the area safe and report potential hazards to supervisor.
  • Clean immediate work area and entire facility according to the Master Cleaning Schedule.
  • Must be able to move pallets from the line with a forklift/pallet jack and place them to be shrink wrapped.
  • Must be able to operate the shrink wrap machine.
  • Must be able to load and unload trucks and trailers using proper documentation.
  • Must operate the forklift in a safe and responsible manner as to not jeopardize equipment or employees.
  • Must be able to perform an accurate inventory count in all freezers.
  • Must be able to retrieve triple stacked product safely and load trucks efficiently.
  • Must ensure there are a limited number of short pallets in the freezer.
  • Make and assume other duties and responsibilities required or assigned by management.
  • Adhering to the Code of Business Ethics is essential.  We value honesty and integrity above all else and we expect our employees to be committed to the highest ethical standards.

Key Requirements:

  • Heavy lifting (capable of at least 50+ lbs.)
  • Long periods of walking and standing
  • Work in a cold environment (-5˚ –18˚ F)
  • Flexible with schedule
  • Reliable transportation